- Dispute (noun) /dis’pju:t/: tranh luận

Ex: I was hoping to avoid discussing last year’s dispute, but Monica is still holding a grudge.

Business confrontation.

- Dominate (verb) /’dɔmineit/: nổi bật

Ex: Max has such a loud voice, he tends to dominate the conversations.

- Bargain (verb) /’bɑ:gin/: thỏa thuận

Ex: We bargained on the last issue for over an hour before we agreed to take a break.

- Collective (adj) /kə’lektiv/: tập thể, chung

Ex: This is a collective concern, and it isn’t fair to discuss it without Marie present.

- Compensate (verb) /’kɔmpenseit/: bồi thường

Ex: If you are willing to work ten extra hours a week we will compensate you by paying you overtime. trung tâm dạy tiếng anh

- Comply (verb) /kəm’plai/: đồng ý

Ex: I’d be willing to comply if you can offer me my own private office.

- Alternatives (noun) /ɔ:l’tə:nətiv/: lựa chọn

Ex: We can’t offer you the raise you requested, but let’s discuss some other alternatives.

- Amplify (verb) /’æmplifai/: mở rộng

Ex: Could you amplify on your proposal please. tự học tiếng anh giao tiếp

- Compromise (verb) /’kɔmprəmaiz/: thỏa hiệp

Ex: We are willing to compromise on this issue because it means so much to you.

- Confront (verb) /kən’frʌnt/: đối diện

Ex: I confronted my boss about being undervalued, and we’re going to talk about things on Monday.


- Arbitration (noun) /,ɑ:bi’treiʃn/: phân xử


Ex: We’re better to settle this between us, because a formal arbitration will cost both of us money.




- Cordially (verb) /noun /’kɔ:djəli/: lịch sự

Ex: In the past I have had little respect for that client, but today she poke cordially and listened to my point of view.

- Deadlock (noun) /’dedlɔk/: bế tắc

Ex: When the discussions came to a deadlock we wrote up a letter of intent to continue the negotiations next week. học nói tiếng anh

- Haggle (verb) /’hægl/: mặc cả, cãi nhau

Ex: We’ve been haggling over this issue for too long now.

- Hostility (noun) /hɔs’tiliti/: thù địch

Ex: I want you to know that we don’t have any hostility towards your company despite last year’s mixup.

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